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Rebel Kayak TOC

Rebel Kayak TOC

Rebel Kayak TOC


Every answer begins with a question. And an answer often forms another question. As Rebel Kayaks spread, people opened their eyes and hearts and found joy. Often, but not always!

Take, for instance, the very well loved Greenland T. Sized and volumed up from the Ilaga, with an easier keyhole coaming. For the bigger paddler, or one with a multi-day gear.

So what happened? An answer formed a question! Can you build a T with an ocean coaming? And the answer? TOC

Same hull, same length, same beam as its predecessor, but with a smaller ocean-coaming, you know have the look and function of a more traditional Greenland kayak in a larger size.

Now, for the young to the young at heart, there are hard-chined, ocean-coaming, Greenland kayaks in the Rebel family, extending the potential choices for fit.

Teenagers, women, and men in all shapes and sizes can now find their true kayak joy!

Try them all! Contrast and compare!


  • Length: 545 cm
  • Width: 54 cm
  • Weight : ca. 19,5 kg
  • Capacity approx: 135 kg
  • Cockpit rim : 57 x 40 cm
  • Hight rim : 
    • 17cm from top of rim to bottom, rear of rim
    • 25cm from deck to bottom, front of rim
  • Skeg: Standard
  • Backrest: foldable integrated + standard soft
  • Hatches: Front + Day + Rear
  • Standard Color schemes:
    • Hull : Clear / Black / Red / White
    • Deck : Black / Red / White
  • Custom option:
    • Carbon / Wood deck structure
    • Custom color on orders with RAL no.


Sandwich PRO:
•Carbon – Epoxy – Cork
•Foootrest: SmartTrack
•Skeg: integrated box+ KajakSport
•Transparent hull:option
•Custom Deck: wooden or carbon

Sandwich Plus:
•Carbon&Kevlar – Epoxy – Cork&Spheretex
•Footrest: SmartTrack
•Skeg: integrated box+ KajakSport
•Transparent hull: option
•Custom Deck: wooden or carbon


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