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Gumotex Framura Rudder

Gumotex Framura Rudder


 This rudder will make your trip with the FRAMURA Sea Kayak more pleasurable with improved tracking, especially in cross winds and strong currents. You'll be able maintain course more easily and you're energy is more effectively channelled into forward momentum. Installation on the boat is simple and fast. It attaches to the stern and the steering lines are routed along the sides and down to the bottom of the kayak where the steering pedal is positioned. The rudder is easy to remove and reinstall and you'll need to do this in shallow water to prevent damage etc. With the rudder attached to your FRAMURA you'll be able to take on the challenges of longer trips, especially in coastal locations.

Technical data

Weight (kg) 2
Packed dimension (cm) 51 x 16 x 18

Technical Note: The rudder is adapted to the latest version of boats of the year 2016. Earlier versions of boats can be easily adjusted for the use of this rudder in service centres of Gumotex.


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