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Gumotex Framura Inflatable Kayak

Gumotex Framura Inflatable Kayak



FRAMURA is the fastest kayak produced by GUMOTEX. It is is designed for leisure and touring and is suitable for sheltered waters, harbours, inlets and lakes as well as calm rivers up to Gr. 1 white water. FRAMURA can carry a lot of baggage that can be stored in front and rear. The kayak has a non-removable deck with elastic netting and is supplied with a comfortable inflatable seat. A sea-kayak paddle is an ideal choice for FRAMURA.

Technical data

Length (cm)


Width (cm)


Weight (kg)


Max. load (kg)



Nitrilon® PES

Paddle type


Max. number of persons

1 person

Air chambers

3 + 2

Packed dimension (cm)

68 × 40 × 30

Max. operation pressure (Mpa / Bar / PSI)

0,02 ⁄ 0,2 ⁄ 3,0

Cardboard box dimension

76 × 50 × 34


Boat equipment

  • Drain opening at the boat´s stern
  • Cockpit with zippers in the bow and stern
  • Kayak reinforcements
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Comfortable inflatable seat with backrest
  • Rubber ropes for fixation of baggage
  • Elastic netting for fixing the baggage
  • Grab handles for easy handling
  • Safety ropes on the side tubes
  • Fixture for tracking fin
  • Tracking fin
  • Push-push valves
  • Safety relief valve in the bottom of the boat
  • Repair kit
  • Transport drybag 100L