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Gearlab Paddle Sack (Greendland Paddle)

Gearlab Paddle Sack (Greendland Paddle)



GEARLAB Paddle Bags are ideal for carrying and storing paddles. Available in single and double paddle models, both accommodate paddles of different lengths, protect vulnerable blades, and shelter the paddles from dust, dirt, sand and water.

  • They help to secure and protect valuable paddles during transit 
  • The internal blade divider prevents paddles from damaging each other 
  • Foam padding on the ends of bags protect paddle blades from impact during transit 
  • Mesh fabric panels on the exterior of the bags provide ventilation for damp paddles 
  • An adjustable shoulder sling on all bags allows for hands-free carrying 
  • A convenient center handle makes carrying paddles easy 
  • A roll-top closure prevents blades from falling out
Specs of Paddle Bag - single
Outer dimensions
length 55", width 5.5"
Maximum capacity
length 122cm, blade width 8.5cm
accommodates one pair 2-piece paddle
420D Nylon fabric with PU inner coating