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Galasport 3M Elite

Galasport 3M Elite



3M canoe blade was designed by Michal Martikan (Gold medallist in Atlanta 96, world champion in Brazil 98, silver OG Sydney and Athens, gold in Beijing 2008). Its smaller rib offers a perfect stroke and lowers the water resistance on the blade during a Dufek stroke. This blade is very stable in the water and doesn’t go under the boat when paddling on cross – stroke. The Elite variant is made from carbon material.
The MIDI version (Width: 18,9cm | Length: 50,5cm | Area: 760cm2) is suitable for juniors in C1 & C2 category.
The MAXI version (Width: 19,2cm | Length: 51cm | Area: 826cm2) is suitable for strong paddlers in C1 & C2 & raft category.