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Aqua-Bound Challenge SUP Paddle

Aqua-Bound Challenge SUP Paddle


The Challenge 85 has a lightweight, all-carbon shaft with a 10° bend to provide low swing weight and a slight shaft flex for very comfortable performance.

Its epX engineered polymer blade has enhanced stiffness and strength thanks to its carbon-fiber reinforcement. The blade has an aggressive dihedral down its spine for a smooth, forgiving forward stroke. And the Challenge’s eye-popping Polynesian graphics speak to the origin of paddleboarding – an offshoot of the 1960’s surfing culture of Hawaii. The Challenge’s overall black color makes it an ideal color match for virtually every SUP board.

At just 21 oz., the Challenge 85 stand-up paddle – with its all-carbon shaft, grip, and ferrule, and its carbon-reinforced epX engineered polymer blade – is ideal for SUP touring. It’s easy on your joints and muscles whatever your adventure.

The Challenge 85 is available in lengths of 64-74 inches, 70-80 inches and 76-86 inches.

Like all Aqua-Bound paddles, the Challenge 85 is hand-built in Osceola, Wisconsin, USA.


Blade Size 7.5 x 14.5 in.
Blade Surface Area 85 sq. in.
Blade Material epX Engineered Polymer, Carbon Reinforced
Shaft Type 10 degree bend
Shaft Material 100% Carbon
Shaft Length 64-74"; 70-80"; 76-86"
Shaft Pieces 2pc
Grip Contoured Palm Grip, 100% Carbon
Weight 595 g



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